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Bathtub Reglazers

What PSP members have said about bathtub reglazing over the years:

  • From what we’ve read, once you start the reglazing “track” you may have to do it every few years as it doesn’t last very long. Other things I’ve read say that it should last 10+ years.
  • Your tub/shower will be out of commission for 2-4 days. The sanding can be quite messy but is a must, and make sure that they repair the chips and cracks as these are places that can be the source for new reglazing to wear off first.
  • It cost $325 (2010)  and indeed smelled so bad that the neighbors called to find out what was wrong. The smell was gone in a few hours. It's true that you're not supposed to use a bathmat, put shampoo bottles down on it, or use abrasive cleaners.
  • Some places use a special product called TopKote, which is some sort of German miracle paint according to our architect
  • Once it’s re-glazed it’s recommended that you do NOT use a suction-cup mat.


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 North Riverdale, Bronx
6154 Riverdale Avenue,New York 10471,NY |  Get directions

Extreme Reglazing

1296 E 21st St,Brooklyn 11210,NY |  Get directions

G & G Tub & Tile Reglazing

 Sunset Park
750 3rd Ave,Brooklyn 11232,NY |  Get directions

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