Carrie Z. Michaelis
Carrie Z. Michaelis


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Reviews (3)

  • Trust / Will advice

    I love my T&E lawyer. Carrie Michaelis: Reasonable pricing, super thorough and personal. Carrie is also a Brooklyn Mom, a totally lovely person and a complete expert at what she does. I know people dread making their wills but with Carrie it actually felt great--like another wonderful thing I was doing to take care of my new baby.
  • Resources for Wills & Estate Planning

    I loved the lawyer I used and her rates were reasonable. She went through everything with me, including guardianship, life insurance options, will etc. etc. She's also a Mom in Brooklyn and totally gets it. It was actually a really good experience to truly plan out what would happen were I to die--gave me real peace of mind, so I highly recommend going through this process. Carrie Michaelas: (646) 445-5102
  • Estate lawyer sought

    I worked with Carrie and had a wonderful experience. She helped me understand the full picture, I felt totally comfortable discussing difficult things with her and her rates were reasonable. She's also a Brooklyn Mom.