Carrie Bowler, DO
Carrie Bowler, DO


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Reviews (6)

  • One Medical Pediatrician?

    We love Dr. Carrie Bowler who does pediatrics and adults. She's a good mix of compassionate and direct.
  • OB Recommendations for LGBTQ?

    For a PCP I love Dr. Bowler at One Medical in Park Slope. I don't live close to the office but its been worth it to stay with her. She has given me excellent referrals and also responds to e-mails. Best of all, she does osteopathy!
  • Recommendations for a great GP?

    Carrie Bowler at One Medical is amazing!
  • Vegan Friendly Pediatrician

    We see Carrie Bowler at One Medical on Union St., she is terrific and extremely vegan friendly. You can do a meet and greet at a couple of offices and see who you jive with.
  • Doctor and Dental Reccomendations

    We see Dr. Bowler at One Medical and she is AH-MA-ZING! My One Medical membership fee is covered by my employer but its nominal and so worth it! For dental, we have seen Dr. Rosenkrantz and he is a ROCK-STAR! Both practices also offer pediatric services!
  • Re: ISO Holistic Family Doctor

    Carrie Bowler who works at one medical group in park slope is lovely and more on the holistic end for a doctor.