Carmine Guglielmino
Carmine Guglielmino


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Reviews (2)

  • Caterer for small dinner party

    I highly recommend Carmine Guglielmino. He’s a private chef (we started working with him after someone on PSP recommended him!). I bet he would work out perfectly for this.
  • What if someone cooked all your meals?

    I'm writing to shout out a local personal chef who is saving our lives right now. Chef Carmine is truly amazing and if anyone is looking for this kind of support at home, I recommend calling him at 917-415-7718. I have no financial connection to him whatsoever, I just think he's a terrific cook. He started working with our family about a year before the pandemic, coming weekly to prepare all our meals for the week. He makes the meal plan, loads all the groceries into a Fresh Direct order, then cooks and cleans after himself. Now that he and I are fully vaccinated we've invited him back, and it's been so incredibly helpful. The meals he chooses for my family (with my input) are delicious and also down-to-earth. We range in age from 1 to 44 and every single family member eats all of his food, and with gusto. There is no complaining from the kiddos! And I have some serious food restrictions- he somehow avoids all my forbidden ingredients and still makes it all delicious. I love knowing that all soups and stews are made with homemade stock and there are no surprises in there.... His prices are incredibly reasonable - way, way under market as far as I can tell. Even so, I'm the first to admit that it's a tremendous privilege to have access to this kind of support. Chef Carmine is professionally trained and has worked both in restaurants and private settings. He's catered special occasion meals for my friends and my office and all the food and desserts he's ever made for me have been amazing. If this is a possibility for your family, I recommend him wholeheartedly.