Camperdown Elm
Camperdown Elm


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Reviews (7)

  • Special occasion dinner recommendation?

    Camperdown Elm has been super tasty, and the pickup is easy.
  • Anniversary Celebration

    I think Camperdown Elm had nice boxed dinners and delivers cocktails. This was a few weeks ago though.
  • Take-Out Cocktails

    We recently ordered two incredibly delicious take-home cocktails as well as an excellent meal from Camperdown Elm. Order by 5:00pm for that night and you'll get a super-tasty meal and awesome cocktails. My dream nosh is their Karaage and the Fallkill cocktail. Best part, after work my husband biked around the park and then swung by the restaurant on his way home. They brought the food out to their tented patio so he didn't have to go inside. I loved my drink so much, I took a picture!
  • SUMMARY: Who is delivering cocktails?

    We were celebrating our anniversary this past week and ordered a delicious meal and cocktails from Camperdown Elm. - They have a selection of 3 different cocktails from their usual menu and delivered them to our home. A friend of mine recently tried cocktail delivery from this place and said it was very good! And a nice way to support a local business.
  • ISO local restaurant for (adult) birthday dinner

    We had a great experience at the camperdown elm. We had a dinner for 12 people there. The food and service were great. The manager was very easy to work with on the planning.
  • Brooklyn date spots

    We really like Camperdown Elm. The pork dish is incredible.
  • 2018 Review

    I wanted to give a huge shout out for Camperdown Elm, a newish restaurant in park slope / edge of south slope, on 7th ave and 15th street. IT's a lovely space with nice outdoor seating and it's way more delicious, special, high end and surprising than any food I've had in the hood--and been here over a decade. If you're looking for a nice night out, and delicious, memorable meal--or have a special occasion, this place is perfect. Because they are new, they were saying they have not been reviewed by the NY Times or other big news outlets so many people don't know about them, and we want them to succeed because it's amazing food!