Camp Jupiter (tween/teen arm of Camp Half-Blood)
Camp Jupiter (tween/teen arm of Camp Half-Blood)



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  • Review from the 2023 Summer Camp Survey

    Location: Prospect park How old was your child when they attended camp this summer? 12 Review: this was my kid's first summer transitioning from Camp Halfblood to Jupiter and he loved it. It's a great tween camp and they continue to explore Prospect Park all summer. We had some crazy weather days and the camp was good about communication about how we should prepare for it, when we had to do early pickup/release, etc.
  • Review from the 2022 Summer Camp Survey

    Location: Prospect Park How old was your child when they attended camp this summer? 12 Review: After a few years of Camp Half Blood, we moved up this year to Camp Jupiter, and both my kids enjoyed it just as much! Glad to know that running around in the park with foam swords and pursuing quests with their friends is still appealing into the tween years. What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? Would you like to add anything related to COVID and how the camp handled it? They were pretty strict on Covid, which I understand even though it meant my son missed a few days at the start since he hadn’t gotten to 10 days yet.
  • camps for teens

    Camp Jupiter is the "teen" version of Camp Halfblood, and my son loved it last year and is going this year. My son said it was "basically a hangout with other kids." He made some good friends there too. They say it's for tweens but he had 13 and 14 year olds in his group last year.
  • 2018 Summer Camp Reviews

    My kid looks forward to this camp every year! That said he goes with a friend - this year he did an extra week without the friend and he still enjoyed it, but going with a friend makes it awesome ! Fun hands on building and engineering shields and weapons.
  • Review from the 2017 PSP Summer Camp Survey

    Camp Jupiter is the tween/teen arm of Camp Half-Blood, which our daughter enjoyed for years. This summer, she attended for two weeks, and had a fun time. Jupiter extends the Greco-Roman focus of Half-Blood (quests, battles, etc.) with an emphasis on engineering: Trebuchet Tuesday was a standout. Overall, a fun couple of weeks close to home. If you could change anything, what would it be? They still don't have a great rainy-day routine in place: she was pretty bored the day they had to stay at MS 51. Age of child: 13 Based on a Summer 2017 experience