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Camp David



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Reviews (4)

  • Coworking space recommendations

    Camp David in Industry City is a beautiful space- I think it may be $40 for a day pass in the lobby area.
  • Brooklyn coworking spaces?

    I have been at Camp David in Industry City for about a year, with a "lounge membership," which gives access to the main floor. Though I've spent some time up in the office space areas, I strongly prefer the lounge, which, aside from being very economic, has people coming and going (the whole point of not being at home for me is to see some adults doing adult things!). Lots of outdoor space options, plus there's Sahadis and Japan Village for shopping before heading home.
  • Brooklyn coworking spaces?

    I’ve used a half dozen coworking spaces in brooklyn and a few in manhattan via Deskpass. My favorite are camp david in industry city, bond gowanus and CSTM Haus near Chelsea Market. Primary, in FiDi was pretty nice, too. Bond has a few locations.
  • Q: Looking for co-working spaces/shared offices (Jan 2019)

    Camp David in Industry City is perfect for quiet calls. It’s beautiful and I think they have special offers.