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Reviews (5)

  • 6 year old boy birthday recommendations

    Buzz a Rama is good for a throwback experience and inexpensive but the kids don't get to mingle much.
  • Advice: 6 Year Old Birthday

    slot-car racing in kensington- buzz-a-rama - not expensive and fun (Reviewed Jan 2015)
  • for a Birthday party?

    We used Buzzarama for a birthday party a couple of years ago for our then-five year old, and it was very popular with the kids. However, we only had 12 kids, which was fine. I think over 15 would have been a squeeze (with all the parents and caregivers), and it would have been hard for everyone to race.
  • 2012 Birthday Party Survey

    LIKES: It was an original activity -- racing Slot Cars What you'd change: Do you recommend (High Rec, Rec, Rec w/ Reservations, Do Not Rec)? Recommend
  • Review from Birthday Party Survey, 2010

    Buzz-a-Rama, slot car racing place, Kensington, Brooklyn Age of Child 6 Reason for Choice: of special interest to my child,recommendation from friend, , in my price range, Likes: This was a great party. the kids had tons of fun racing the cars, the owner has done parties many times and really knew exactly how to do things. Changes: nothing! Not included in the Party Package: private use of the venue (meal may have been in a private room but bulk of the party was in a shared space), invitations, food for kids, party bags, cake, DO you recommend? (Choices: Highly/Recommend/DoNot) Highly recommend