Burst of Green LLC
Burst of Green LLC


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Reviews (4)

  • ISO Professional cleaner for common areas in coop

    I highly recommend Burst of Green and the owner, Lorena. She has done amazing work for me and is very detail oriented. She makes her own cleaning supplies as well- kind of an amazing Brooklyn based small business.
  • Cleaning company for deep clean?

    Please see my recent post about Burst of Green LLC, who recently cleaned my rental apartment - honest, conscientious, and chemical-averse. Lorena Escobar and her husband did the work.
  • Cleaning company for deep clean?

    Lorena of burst of green is amazing and I highly recommend her for move in and move outs. She trustworthy, cautious and even makes her own safe cleaning products. She’ll tell you all about the precautions she is taking during this time. She specializes in move in and move out cleanings. Someone recently did a shout out on Park Slope Parents for her service so others may recommend her.
  • Shout out for 'Burst of Green LLC' cleaning company

    I just used a man and wife cleaning company for part of our empty rental apt, and I would like to recommend them. They had produced an original estimate. But in fact they worked at least twice the amount of time they had planned to work..I began to wonder if they were moving in! When the long shift was over, I was surprised to hear that they only expected to be paid the original amount because 'that was our estimate.' I paid them more, but I just want to put more work their way if I can, in these difficult times. They use baking soda and vinegar and 'essential oils' rather than detergent...all I can say is everything looks very clean. They have underlying health issues, so they are very careful with masks etc.