BrookVin (South Slope)
BrookVin (South Slope)
  • Park Slope
    381 7th Avenue (btw 11th & 12th Sts), Brooklyn , NY


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  • Brookvin

    We had a date night on Brookvin's back patio last night, and it was such an excellent experience that I wanted to share a recommendation. We are generally a little anxious about many of the outdoor dining options in the neighborhood, but Brookvin only has four tables set up on the patio, with plenty of space between. Servers wear masks and gloves, and there's no music or loud noise so patrons don't have to speak loudly to hear each other. But really the best part is the menu setup! You get a 90-minute reservation, and it's a prix fixe menu -- you choose two food items, and then unlimited (yes!) drinks. $50/head. Quick, excellent service, delicious food, great wine list, really good deal. Enjoy, tip generously, and support this local business!
  • Re: Girls night out: where to go in PS?

    I like Brookvin for a casual place to hang out where you don’t feel is a “too young crowd.”
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