Brooklyn Works at 159
Brooklyn Works at 159



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  • Coworking space recommendations

    I would like to recommend “Brooklyn Works” on 20th Street. They are a bit “out there”…on the edge of South Slope and have a few office and work spaces solutions. I used them in the last couple of years for a day pass (in an own office) - as needed. I could even book through their website last minute / same day. I very much like their community artsy vibe.
  • Co-Working space in Brooklyn? Preferably 30/40 min walk from SouthSlope

    I love BrooklynWorks
  • Looking for co-working spaces/shared offices (Jan, 2019)

    I’ve used Brooklyn Works 159 in South Slope/Greenwood a lot when I used to freelance from home. It definitely doesn’t have all the bells and whistles but it’s way more affordable and it’s local. They do drop in rates and you used to be able to get a 10x pack for 100 dollars back when I was going.
  • Looking for co-working spaces/shared offices (Jan, 2019)

    I have an office at Brooklyn Works (20th St between 3 & 4th Aves). I have my own office, but it seems like there are plenty of places if you just get a desk that you can take a call. I chose Brooklyn Works, since they did have more medical related spaces.I'm in South Slope so it's been really convenient for me and I've been really happy with the staff and extras.
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    My husband rented a private office at Brooklyn Works while I was on maternity leave since he normally works from home. He has calls all day so really needed a private space and though it was very small it had a door and did the trick. The cost was $400 per month I think with a 50% off the first month, if you wanted something longer term I bet you could negotiate a bit if they have empty space.