Brooklyn Public Library Central Branch
Brooklyn Public Library Central Branch


(You must pick up a ticket at the children's reference desk to participate and you must be on time)

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  • Brooklyn themed hoodie/t-shirts?

    Check out Brooklyn Public Library’s online shop, which has tons of adorable gifts perfect for the holidays, including Ts and hoodies.
  • Favorite music classes for 9-12 months? (N slope/p heights)

    BK Public Library in GAP also does mini concerts.
  • Phone booths / Coworking space??

    Also the Brooklyn Public Library has free conference rooms you can book. These are great for days you really need to focus and also make calls. You can book online with your library card!
  • toddler passport photo at post office

    Brooklyn Library has a passport office. They were pretty indulgent of our 12 week old alternatively screaming and sleeping – she was anything but “neutral,” but no one seemed to mind. It was relatively painless.
  • toddler passport photo at post office

    We just took our 1 year old to Brooklyn Public Library Central Branch and it was a breeze. We had all the paper work ready to go so it was just a short wait, a quick interview, and the photo.
  • toddler passport photo at post office

    we did it at the brooklyn public library they seemed pretty kid friendly our daughter was 6 months old
  • toddler passport photo at post office

    If at all possible, I'd recommend the passport office at the Brooklyn Library central office (at Grand Army Plaza; they do it at Kings Highway also.) We did it recently, with two kids, and it was shockingly easy. They will handle the photo (you hold the child, they snap the photo) and they know what will work. Can't overstate how smoothly it went, though we'd filled everything out beforehand.
  • roup toddler passport photo at post office

    we did my 4 year old's passport w/ photo at the Brooklyn Public Library Central Branch about a month & a half ago, and they were good with him. The wait there can be long, but you get a buzzer and go hang out in the kids' section for a while until it goes off.
  • [PSPNonProfitGroup] Event space?

    Brooklyn Public Library’s Central Library at Grand Army is worth considering.
  • ISO: Recommendations for passport photos for newborns/infants

    You can do it at the library too. All you need is hold your baby/newborn fairly straight while they take the picture.
  • ISO: Recommendations for passport photos for newborns/infants

    If you go to the Brooklyn public library , they take pictures right there!
  • Re: Where to take passport pictures?

    I second having it done right at the Brooklyn Central Library passport office. They rejected our first set of pictures taken elsewhere. It's $15, but at least you know they'll accept the photo, which saves you time and hassle! And when going in to apply for the passport, I'd recommend showing up at least an hour before closing. They can be sticklers about taking people too close to closing time, and they don't accept new folks 30 minutes before closing. Brandi
  • Where to take passport pictures?

    At Brooklyn library on Grand Army Plaza you can apply for a passport and they make passport pictures at the same time. Bring a white blanket - we ended up having Annabelle’s picture taken in her stroller! No need to make an appointment.
  • Shout out for Central Library at GAP!

    We went to the Grand Army PLaza on December 30th to renew our daughter's passport. It was pretty empty around 345pm. I had all my documentation except for the birth certificate. I had my husband email it to me and was able to print out a copy at one of the computer stations. My daughter had to retake her passport photos because the ones we took at Walgreens were a little questionable in size(I am going back to Walgreen for refund). She retook her photos and within 20 minutes we were done processing her paperwork. I could not believe how easy it was and to boot we received her newly renewed passport yesterday! and this was without expediting it which we almost did because her school needed her passport info by Jan. 29th. The process was fast and easy. I definitely recommend renewing at GAP Library. Make sure you have all your documents in order and it will be a breeze!!
  • Meeting/Conference Rooms at the Library

    If you have a library card you can reserve meeting rooms at the Brooklyn Public Library through their online system. Someone I recently talked to started a Poetry Writing Circle and is using these rooms to meet once a month. Here’s more info: Thought I would pass that on as another option for meeting rooms for a small number of folks. They even have a recording studio. There’s also a slightly larger meeting room at the Park Slope Library you can use for meetings as well.
  • Re: good local cafe to work in (besides kos kaffe)

    BPL Central library - loved loved (July 2014)
  • Re: passport at the library?

    We did this recently and had to wait for a bit over an hour. This was a bit hard with our three young kids (two are 18 months) because they ask you to be quiet and no food is allowed in the room (so no use of cheerios as hush money). Both my husband and I were there so he took the younger kids to the children's library, which was close to the passport room, while I waited with the older one (who played on the iphone) for them to call our name. We went a bit later than I intended so lines were probably shorter earlier in the morning. Otherwise everything went very smoothly.
  • Re: passport at the library?

    We had a great experience - they gave us a vibrating thingy (A bit like shake shack!) to alert us when they were ready, we sat in the cafe for a while and then one of the officers who was greeting people and getting them signed in helped entertain my daughter while we waited. The only screw up was that I turned up with only a bank card the first time - they will only takes checks or money orders there - should have read the small print...
  • Re: Advice for passport photo for infant?

    I second the library for photos. We went to Duane Reade and got photos but when we went to the library we were told that they were not right. We ended up retaking them and paying again. Waste of time and money.
  • Re: Advice for passport photo for infant?

    The grand army plaza library is the best for this. We Got our daughters' passport there when she was 10 weeks old and it was so quick and painless. They charge $10 to take the picture. I would just suggest getting the forms from online and having them ready when you go.
  • Re: Easiest way to get passport for baby

    The Central branch of the Brooklyn Public Library (at Grand Army) just started a passport service. We just did it for our little one. They have the paperwork you need to fill out, will take the photo for you and mail it. You do need to send an original birth certificate so make sure you don't need it for a while or get an official copy (we did through a service advertised when we got our original). Both parents need to be there, you need to pay by check ( no cash) and bring a completely white swaddle blanket for the photo- otherwise you'll have to hold your little in the air by the but and neck for the photo. (August 2012)
  • Re: Photographer for baby passport photo

    We did the whole passport shebang--photo included--at the Grand Army Plaza public library. You will need a money order for part of it--might be a good idea to call ahead (or look online) for that info. Bon voyage! (March 2013)
  • Re: Passport advice...

    Go to the Brooklyn Library. They are now processing passports. We went there recently for our 16 month old's passport. It was very quick and efficient. No appointment necessary. Also open Sat and Sun. Check their website. You can print and complete the forms from the government website before you go to make it even quicker. They take photos there but we got ours done at a shop on 7th ave beforehand.
  • Re: Passport advice...

    I would not count on the photo service; it was not operating when we went (I already had photos just in case, along with all the necessary paperwork). Otherwise, the experience was very easy and quick.
  • Re: Passport advice...

    Ditto the central library!
  • Re: Passport advice...

    I had an extremely positive experience getting my kiddo a new passport at the Brooklyn Public Library Central Branch (at Grand Army Plaza). There was a short wait but we were in and out within 45 minutes. I've heard they will give you a pager so you can explore the library if there is a longer wait. They will take photos for $10 which I thought was extremely reasonable. They were also very patient with my squirmy 16-month-old. Bring an original birth certificate, proper ID for parents/guardians, and both parents/guardians. Here's the site for more info:
  • Where's the best place for a freelancer to work from?

    Check out this article about new space at the Central Library:
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