Brooklyn Net Wellness
Brooklyn Net Wellness


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Reviews (3)

  • Massage recommendation

    Brooklyn Net Wellness on 9th St and 7th Ave is very no frills but gives a great massage.
  • Massage services (center slope)

    Just discovered Brooklyn Net Wellness yesterday and recommend! They’re on 9th St by 7th Ave.
  • Shot out: Brooklyn net massage

    I had a a massage at Brooklyn Net on 9th and 7th ave, first since pandemic started and I was really impressed with how clean it was, how safe it felt. Temps taken at the door and they sprayed my clothing down with disinfectant spray, my shoes, My massage room was super clean, massage therapist had mask on whole time, I had mask on whole time and did fully face down, never turned over which felt very safe. Anyhow, felt inspired to share my positive experience.