Brooklyn Manny and Nanny
Brooklyn Manny and Nanny


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  • Brooklyn Manny & Nanny

    Hi. My husband and I were recently in a bind when a nanny we hired quit after 2.5 weeks for a job with more hours. Frustrated and not wanting to go through the process of scouring the internet for a replacement, we decided to use Brooklyn Manny and Nanny. Alie, the owner, was amazing from the first contact. Her 'marketplace' site makes it easy to see and get to 'digitally' know potential care takers in a convenient way. Within a week we interviewed two great candidates and would have been happy with either. Alie had already done the diligence of checking their references and, once we decided to hire one of them, she did an extensive background check, saving us a lot of time. Our new caretaker is amazing—on the second day our almost 4 year old daughter told her she loved her!—and I can't recommend Brooklyn Manny and Nanny enough.