Brooklyn Learning Center
Brooklyn Learning Center


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Reviews (4)

  • Neuropsych evaluations

    My daughter was evaluated at Brooklyn learning center just over a year ago when she was not quite 5. I found the process to be really smooth and reassuring. They were very gentle and encouraging with both my daughter and us. We all needed our hands held a bit!
  • ISO Executive Functioning coach for rising 8th grader

    Yes! My son worked with Kristin at BLC and she was terrific.
  • ISO Executive Functioning coach for rising 8th grader

    I’d check with Brooklyn learning center. They do a variety of things. My daughter is doing their homework therapy program this summer with a psychologist who works with her on math and math anxiety.
  • Education/psych help for teen daughter?

    I cannot recommend Homework Therapy by Brooklyn Learning Center enough. They work with homework anxiety and EF issues, amongst other things. We get partial reimbursement from our insurance as well for my son with an ADHD diagnosis. (December 2019)