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  • Lead Testing

    I can also highly recommend Luke! He came over shortly after we closed and did a full assessment. He was also able to patch and paint some of the "problem areas" and I found his pricing to be very reasonable. He was very thorough and provided a lot of information.
  • Lead Testing

    He did an assessment for us and found the danger zones and was caring and thorough. I cannot recommend him enough.
  • Lead abatement / encapsulation

    I would recommend consulting with Luke Gray of Brooklyn Lead,, 646 258-2362. He may be able to help you directly.
  • Lead testing

    Luke is great, I would hire him for a dust test (there are also kits to do it yourself).
  • Lead testing

    We used Luke Gray for lead testing, per a rec off PSP, and he was great.
  • Lead inspector

    We have been working with Luke gray, of Brooklyn lead who is an epa certified risk assessor. He’s been amazing at helping us figure out what’s going on in our home after we’ve had a pretty bad experience working with the doh, and another contractor to get the lead out of our place. I’ll probably write up our whole experience at a later date, but I highly recommend Luke for being reasonable, responsive and thorough.
  • Lead assessment for new home

    I also second Luke Gray - we had him test our house. Unfortunately our toddler had some exposure to lead and he was able to identify the source and help us understand how to remediate it. It was mainly chipped paint on windowsills AND the soil in our backyard. I had no idea that the dirt in Brooklyn houses are FULL of lead. Of course our toddler loves putting dirt in his mouth. I was unaware so having Luke do a full assessment was really great. And yes, the best is to repaint areas that are chipping . Anytime we see a chip we paint paint paint.
  • Lead assessment for new home

    You could probably get a more detailed sense of which rooms or spaces or doors to paint or address with an inspection and some targeted testing. Then you would know if there were areas not worth dealing with. Luke Gray,, has done variations on that for us in two apartments, one rented playgroup space, and a sponsor unit renovated for sale in our building. He's very good and very busy.
  • Re: Lead Contamination

    I highly recommend Luke Gray
  • Re: Lead inspector recommendation

    We had a good experience with Luke, of Brooklyn Lead, <>, who we found on the PSP website. He took dust samples from our walls, baseboards, window sills, radiators, carpets etc. and gave us a detailed assessment that was sufficient to convince our landlord to cover the costs of the abatement.
  • Re: What to do about lead ???

    I used Brooklyn Lead as a lead consultant a few years ago. Luke went through our whole house, making suggestions and taking samples. He was very knowledgeable and nice - check him out. Good luck!
  • Recommendation

    We recently went through a bad scare, where my daughter tested for elevated lead levels. (Thanks to PSP we quickly found a great lead inspector -- Luke Gray of Brooklyn Lead -- who found the causes in the apartment, and we got our landlord to do the necessary abatement last week.)
  • (no subject)

    I second Luke grays recommendation! (May 2012)
  • (no subject)

    Luke Gray. Local, a parent, and he's great. (May 2012)
  • from 2005

    A local dad , Luke Gray, came to our house and tested for a small fee. He was very nice and I would recommend him.
  • (no subject)

    I got a number of recommendations for Luke Gray, who we ended up using and he was great. (june 2010)