Brooklyn Free Space Day Camp
Brooklyn Free Space Day Camp



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Reviews (3)

  • 2019 Summer Camp Review

    There are lots of things to love about BFS, the people that work there really care about children, the materials the kids work with are great, and we didn't want a camp that was entirely outdoors. It is looser than their regular school year program though, and kids/teachers rotate in and out. You don't always know what is going on other than "sprinkler day" or "Sportball day", but our child was happy. I would think this would be particularly good for younger kids. There is one field trip per week. What would you change? One of the three summer camp directors was let go/replaced and there was no communication about this change with summer camp parents. This was a little off-putting, especially since she had been such a major part of the school.
  • (no subject)

    Age: - 4 What did you/your child like about the summer camp? My son loved the activities. I loved that it was the regular preschool teachers who staff the "camp.". It was more like summer preschool than camp. Perfect for our needs. What would you change about the program? Nothing! Will you send your child back to this summer camp program next year? (Or would you if you could?) Yes Would you recommend this program to other parents for their child in the future? Highly recommend
  • Review from 2010 Summer Camp Suvey

    Age of Child: 5 Likes: He liked that it was a familiar setting (he has been attending the preschool there for three years). He likes the combination of activities -- free time, sprinklers, field trips, art work, theater, sing-a-longs etc. It made camp feel different than "school". What would you change? I can't think of anything. Would you send your child(ren) again? Yes Do you recommend? Highly recommend