Brooklyn Fine Guitars
Brooklyn Fine Guitars


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Reviews (4)

  • Where to buy a guitar

    Brooklyn Fine Guitars is a wonderful Boerum Hill guitar shop. The owner Brian is fantastic and you’ll be supporting a local small business :)
  • Lighter Fare: Classical Guitar Repair

    Otherwise, you can try Brooklyn Fine Guitars it Retrofret. Though they aren’t taking repairs for the foreseeable future.
  • Buying ukulele locally?

    My husband's ukulele recently needed a new string and I went to Brooklyn Fine Guitars. Their customer service was amazing. This was the cheaper ukulele of my husband's two ukuleles and although not a very nice instrument they still took the time to clean it up and tune it up for us for free. I ended up dropping it off with them so they could install the string for me and they texted me when they were finished for pick up. All of this for free- I just paid for the string. Loved the experience I had and loved being able to support a local business.
  • Buying ukulele locally?

    I believe Brooklyn Fine Guitars in Boerum Hill has them. They are a wonderful small business :)