Brooklyn Feeding Academy - Adam Kolesar
Brooklyn Feeding Academy - Adam Kolesar


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Reviews (6)

  • ISO good feeding therapist for 2.5 y.o. w/ food aversions

    Also heard great things about Adam Kolesar and know people who have used, and loved, him but he did not have availability when I called. He was, however, fantastic about talking through a bunch of things.
  • ISO good feeding therapist for 2.5 y.o. w/ food aversions

    Adam Kolesar @Brooklyn Feeding Academy. I used to work with him...he is awesome... Don't have # ..handy though .
  • Food therapist for 3 year old?

    Try Adam Kolesar at Brooklyn Feeding Academy.
  • Re: [PSP] Occupational Therapist for Feeding Therapy/Food Aversion?

    Try Adam Kolesar.
  • Re: [ANONYMOUS] ISO speech and feeding therapist for toddler under 2

    I can recommend Adam Kolesar of the Brooklyn Feeding Academy.
  • (no subject)

    You might look into the Brooklyn Feeding Acadamy Adam Kolesar worked with my daughter (at the time about 16 months old) for about 3-4 months and was wonderful. We did both individual sessions and group sessions. He is a unique individual, and I was skeptical at first, but my daughter responded to him right away and I found him a wonderful resource for all the stress and anxiety that comes with having a child who won't eat for behavioral issues. He does not take insurance, but will provide the paperwork for you to submit. Warning - insurance companies make you jump through hoops to get it covered and I was never successful. (September 2011)