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Brooklyn Eyeworks


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  • Re: Shout out for Brooklyn EyeWorks

    I second shout out for Brooklyn Eye works. They really go the extra mile. Dan and Jessica are wonderful.
  • Re: Shout out for Brooklyn EyeWorks

    I would like to second this recommendation. My experience with Danny was similar to Judith's. I originally went to see him because of a friend's suggestion. He put new lenses into a pair of reading glasses for me. And then I returned for new lenses for my sunglasses. When he suggested I try polorized lenses I wasn't sure. So he offered to replace them if I didn't like them. I didn't & he was really sweet about it. And he is always nice with my 3 year old who runs around the store like a, well, 3 year old ;^) . He is a lovely guy & I intend to give him all of our families business.
  • Shout out for Brooklyn EyeWorks

    Just wanted to give a shout out for the incredible customer service I received Brooklyn EyeWorks yesterday. My husband got his glasses from them when we lived two blocks away, and I returned from the neighborhood we now live to get glasses for myself because I remembered the awesome and unique frames they had stocked. (I also recently saw that they have a Groupon, which spurred me to come now). First, Brooklyn EyeWorks is normally closed on Mondays, but Danny (part owner) saw me standing dejected in the rain, and opened just for us! Second, he personally spent well over two hours helping me choose a pair of frames that suit my small, narrow face, and let my 20-month old run around the place, even giving her some toys to play with while I tried on frame after frame. He gave his honest opinion on what he thought worked and what didn't, and I never felt like he was trying to upsell or rush me in any way. Third, when he heard we were leaving on vacation next week, he put in a rush order and will send it to me via FedEx free of charge. I'm just thrilled to have a local small business to support, and I wanted to let other people know about this gem!
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    Check out Brooklyn EyeWorks on 5th Ave in the South Slope. Dr. Ritenour is young and very progressive and he's excellent at contact lens fitting. He's also a really nice person. The whole office is friendly and helpful as well. August 2012
  • (aug 2010) The owner, Dan, has a passion for what he does. He has frames in all price ranges and styles and is very reasonably priced. At the time, he was also offering a discount for anyone who brought food donations to the store which were then given to City Harvest. I wouldn't go anywhere else now for myself or my son.