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Brooklyn Creative League is a welcoming coworking space for seasoned professionals, rooted in the local community. Our spaces are warm, welcoming, and productive -- meticulously designed and scrupulously managed. Our team is comprised of smart, capable, and kind professionals, who are committed to giving outstanding service. And our members are companies and individuals who share a commitment to community, collaboration, and mutual benefit.

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  • Co-Working space in Brooklyn? Preferably 30/40 min walk from SouthSlope

    I've been at Brooklyn Creative League for 5 or 6 years now. Great space, amenities, and community. On President between 3rd and 4th ave.
  • Looking for info on neighborhood co-working spaces

    I recommend Brooklyn Creative League on president between 3rd/4th. I was a member for 2.5 months until June. Was so nice to get out of the house after WFH surrounded by my 3 little kids for a year. Contact Neil or Erin there for a tour on weekdays.
  • Coworking spaces in Park Slope

    I second the recommendation for Brooklyn Creative League. I've been a member since 2012, first at a desk and now in an office. The founders, Neil and Erin, are thoughtful and responsive, and the space is bright and well-maintained (even with the inevitable cut-backs in support staff in recent months).
  • Coworking spaces in Park Slope

    Brooklyn Creative League is open (their doors were open during the entire shutdown). They’re on President between 3rd and 4th aves. The owners are lovely and it’s a nice community. You also get a nice big desk for the price.
  • Where's the best place for a freelancer to work from?

    Rent a desk space at Brooklyn Creative League on President Street between 4th and 3rd Aves. I had a space there a few years ago and it's a really great place for creatives, writers, freelancers, etc. to get work done! Here's their website if you want to check them out:
  • re: renting office space

    I was at Brooklyn Creative League for a while which was great (although not the best phone/tech support) - nice sense of community, etc. I know they have a waiting list. When we started hiring people, we moved to Green Desk- it's great, cheaper, although getting to DUMBO from Park Slope, depending on where you are, can be a huge pain, you would have your own private space (The offices are all glass, and the walls go up to the ceiling). There isn't as much of a sense of community, and no communal space to eat, etc, but the food options are much better in DUMBO. But having worked from home for ages and then having a baby, I can tell you that it will TRANSFORMATIVE for you to get out of the house. So good for your sanity, and although you lose some convenience, i think made me a better mother and wife!
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