Brooklyn City FC
Brooklyn City FC


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Reviews (2)

  • We love Brooklyn City FC soccer club and highly recommend!

    After trying various soccer clubs in the area, we were fortunate to find Brooklyn City FC and want to mention it to others who may be looking for a soccer club for their kids! BCFC has been an incredible club for our 8 year old son. They are a wonderful balance of being organized, thoughtful, warm and competitive. The kids learn SO much and the focus is always on playing well as a team while learning and having fun. The coaches could not be more caring and committed, the kids are at various levels and work so well together, and the parents of my son's teammates have all become friends of ours. Organization and communication around practices and games is top notch and detailed and access to the club and the coach is easy through an app. We love Brooklyn City FC! They are holding tryouts this week - check it out here : For the 2013 team, they are also looking for another player or two to join the team this spring as a few kids this year have moved out of NYC and we've lost a couple members of the team. This is the kind of club that meets kids where they are at and fully supports and encourages them. They are amazing. Please feel free to message me with any questions! Not at all affiliated, just a fan of what they do :)
  • Soccer for 11 year old beginner

    I highly recommend Brooklyn City, FC. My daughter is soon-to-be 12 and has played on their 2009 team for 2 years. They have development centers which describe what you are looking for. It is a part of their mission to have more entry points to the game for girls (and boys). They currently have a girls only dev center running at the Soccer roof through April 25 Take a look here: . They also have a new intramural league. Here is their home page: