Brooklyn Brainery
Brooklyn Brainery


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Reviews (4)

  • ISO drop in arts & crafts class for adults (during the day)

    Check out the Brooklyn Brainery!
  • Adult online education

    The Brooklyn Brainery has a bunch of fun and affordable one-off classes for adults. The timing hasn’t worked out for me to try one of their online classes yet, but I keep checking the schedule because there’s a bunch I’d like to do if the timing works.
  • Adult online education

    Brooklyn Brainery has great classes and you’re supporting a local business. I’m not affiliated; just taken some great classes there. Cheryl
  • Recos for Photography Classes

    I took a couple of photography classes at Brooklyn Brainery. I took Intro to Photography and Portrait Photography, both were at the location on 8th Avenue near Ladybird Bakery. The classes met once a week and there was an assignment to work on in between. When we had to go around and do intros on the first day, most people were in your (and mine then) position, some experience but a while ago.