Brooklyn Animal Action
Brooklyn Animal Action


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Reviews (5)

  • Looking for a Cat - animal shelters?

    We adopted from Brooklyn Animal Action and they were great to work with.
  • Fostering/Adopting a Cat

    I found the woman at Brooklyn Animal Action to be really helpful. I think they’re overwhelmed because the Cat Cafe is not open and this is kitten season so there are lots of kittens in need. I’m sure they’ll respond when they can. As of a couple weeks ago, they were accepting foster-to-adopt applications. You should fill out the info sheet or adoption form, which should lead to a response back.
  • Want to foster care for a kitten or cat?

    We followed up on this post [see below] from Monday and found them extremely helpful …
  • Want to foster care for a kitten or cat?

    We just adopted a kitten from Brooklyn Animal Action, a local all-volunteer non-profit, and they told me they are looking for foster homes for cats and kittens. Basically you keep the animal in your home until they find him or her a "forever home." It's a great way to test-drive having a new pet without a major commitment. We really appreciated that our new kitten had been fostered so that she had not been in a shelter because they were able to tell us a lot about her personality and whether she would be a good fit for us. And of course they are also looking for permanent homes for animals as well but that's a whole nother commitment! Email them here if you're interested in fostering
  • Shout out to Park Slope-based Brooklyn Animal Action

    I can't say enough about this wonderful non-profit organization. We have both adopted a wonderful cat through them, and have also been helped by their cat fostering support. I don't know what we would have done without them when we needed to find a home for our cat. Please, please consider a tax-deductible donation to them, and if possible, help them out by fostering cats and kittens for them while they find them loving, permanent homes. They really need the help and they're such wonderful people.