Brooke's Appliance Brothers
Brooke's Appliance Brothers


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  • yikes - vacuum cleaner search resumes....

    Consider Brooks Appliance in seventh Avenue. The owners are incredibly knowledgeable and let you actually try out the vacuum in the store, which really shows the difference in products. I bought a Miele there a few years ago and it’s easily one of my favorite possessions. Plus, shop local!
  • ISO: advice re: vacuum repair

    I'd try Brooks on 12th street and 7th ave. Great store/family business run by great people.
  • Shout Out: Brookes Appliances + Brooklyn General + Argyle Yarn Shop

    Just wanted to echo others shout outs to Brookes appliances which remains open and are doing home deliveries. I called on Thursday morning, and one of the owners talked me through which sewing machine to get, he also sold me a bit of thread and a stitch ripper. He was so patient and helpful and seeing machine was at my door couple hours later. He called to make sure I got it. Pls support them for any appliance needs you may have.
  • Where to buy patches for jeans?

    Brooke's appliances on 7th ave btwn 11th and 12th has a small selection of sewing notions including iron on patches for pants. I've bought patches from them in the past.
  • Brooke's Sew and Vac -- OPEN for business.

    Brooke's actually delivered to me yesterday. I ordered what I wanted, they dropped it off at my door, I paid over the phone. Very easy and great customer service, as usual.
  • ISO: Service that removes stains from sofa?

    We just had our sofa steam-cleaned by brooks appliance, the vacuum repair shop on 7th avenue. The guy got out a variety of stains that we'd somehow made worse over the past few years. I'd call and ask them about the oil specifically, but he did tell me treating stains usually makes them worse and the best thing to do is steam them out right away. you can also rent a steamer for the day, but i was told the machine they use for house calls is way more powerful. good luck!
  • How to choose a Miele vacuum model?

    I ended up going to Brooke's this weekend and Scott was immensely helpful in explaining the various models and accessories, which are so overwhelming. He very clearly discussed trade offs and demonstrated differences in person, which is something I never would've been able to do solely online. They also price match, and you can get Miele bags in bulk for the same price as generic bags on Amazon. (September 2019)
  • 2018 Review

    The guys at Brooke's on 7th Avenue are amazing. Our kids had all but destroyed our sofa and they made it look like new!
  • where to buy Miele vacuum?

    When you go to Brooke's ask them if they have any open boxed ones. You can save about $60. Sometimes they are just returns or the box was damaged or something like that, but the vacuum is brand new. They are the best vacuums ever!
  • where to buy Miele vacuum?

    Yes, go to Brooke Vacuums and Appliances on 7th Ave between 11th and 12th. That’s where we went a couple of months ago, and those guys (twin brothers, actually) really seem to know their stuff, and let you try out different vacuum cleaners, and they didn’t try to upsell us (Miele’s are the Mercedes Benz of vacuum cleaners and you may be able to get something just as good for less money).
  • where to buy Miele vacuum?

    Brooks on 7th Ave (south slope) is great! Competitive pricing, great service/knowledge and of course nice to support local business. I looked at many other places for pricing and they are as good if not better.
  • (no subject)

    Many of you know and shop at Brookes Vacuum & Appliance on 7th ave at corner of 12th St. For those of you that don't, it's worth checking out for any appliance you need. I was in there today for a blender - always good service & prices. Of note - Steve & Charlie, the twin brothers who own the place are from the Rockaways and have been displaced due to the hurricane. So shopping local at Brookes is a double good deed this season.
  • (no subject)

    Thanks everyone for recommending Brooke's! They were great - had my machine repaired and back to me in 2 days. And next time I'm in the market for a new vacuum, I'll definitely be going to them! Great resource. Thanks!
  • (no subject)

    Re: sewing machine repair? I recently had mine repaired at Brooks, 7th ave by 12th street, with great results. They gave me all the options and prices before they did the work.
  • 12/2010

    Time for a shout out to the folks at Brooke's Appliances on 7th between 11th and 12th. Tell Steve and Charlie what you need and they'll fix you up. Been going to them for over 10 years.