British Swim School
British Swim School



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Reviews (5)

  • Swimming class?

    We do British Swim school on Pacific and like it!
  • Swimming lessons? Karate?

    We've been taking lessons at British swim school for 4 months but unfortunately will be leaving because we don't like any of the teachers anymore for our age group. Worth checking out, maybe you'll have better luck than us. It's so convenient and the owner Phil is nice and accommodating!
  • Swimming lessons? Karate?

    British Swim School is awesome!!!
  • Anyone running swim classes for toddlers?

    We just started swim lessons at British Swim School, located at 904 Pacific, for my 3 yr old. So far happy with the COVID protocols! They have 2 classes at once with 3 kids max in each lesson and the instructor wears a face shield.
  • Feedback on British Swim School

    Our boys had their first class there last weekend after seeing it referenced here and they had an absolute blast. No safety concerns on our side -- instructors wore face guards, parents were socially distanced -- but the biggest selling point was that they actually had classes open for 2 and on a weekend. Hopefully they still do for you!