Bright Minds Daycare Park Slope
Bright Minds Daycare Park Slope



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  • Daycare Recommendation

    If anyone is looking for daycare for their child (1.5 yrs – 5 yrs) I highly recommend the one my daughter currently attends called Bright Minds Daycare (formally called BeyBeeSit). They’re located at 4th Ave and 14th Street. It’s a small family daycare, maximum 12 kids. There are 2 daycare providers, Oksana and Nata, who are both wonderful. They closed for a period after COVID but re-opened a couple months ago. My daughter was there alone for a while, and now they have 2 kids. They were nearly full pre-COVID but most of the kids' families left town so they have spaces available. I am writing this unsolicited recommendation because WE LOVE THEM SO MUCH and appreciate the difficulties of a small business trying to contend with this global pandemic so want to help in any way we can.