Brian Esser
Brian Esser


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Reviews (12)

  • Lawyer for Estate Planning / Will

    My husband is also British. We worked with Brian Esser in Park Slope and he was excellent for our will/estate planning work.
  • Resources for Wills & Estate Planning

    Brian Esser did my will and all my other documents including a sort of complicated guardianship plan. He’s also handled several other single parent by choice clients. I highly recommend him and he’s a local Park Slope dad of two. Good luck!
  • Estate lawyer sought

    I used Brian Esser who is a Park Slope based dad of two young kids, and his main focus is queer-friendly estate planning and family law. Check out his website: When I used him, he was quite reasonable.
  • Attorney for Second Parent Adoption

    Though Brian Esser successfully helped us complete my wife’s 2nd parent adoption of our twins, we would not recommend him. Though our process has continued (we now are seeking a foreign recognition of this adoption), he stopped responding to our emails (several attempts over the period of two months), and are now scrambling to find another attorney.
  • Attorney for Second Parent Adoption

    We liked Brian Esser as well. We used him for something related (although not second parent adoption) and would rec’d him strongly. His prices seem reasonable.
  • Attorney for Second Parent Adoption

    We too used Brian Esser and I believe he is still part of this group. He has two adopted children with his husband as well.
  • Attorney for Second Parent Adoption

    We’re working with Brian Esser and love him. He truly makes the entire (annoying) process feel straightforward and easy to navigate.
  • Attorney for Second Parent Adoption

    I would recommend Brian Esser.
  • [PSP LGBTQ] Looking for second parent adoption lawyer recommendation!

    Brian Esser was a great advisor and consultant to us and taught some classes that we liked. We plan to work with him again. (review submitted Jan 2017)
  • Re: Lawyer to set up a will

    We hired Brian Esser, who is really active on PSP, and was great. He makes house calls!
  • Re: Attorney for will

    I recommended Brian Esser who recently did my will. Excellent at explaining things and very kind, reasonably priced (I shopped around), and a local Park Slope dad. He made a process I'd been dreading…. Easy and manageable.
  • Re: attorney for will??

    Try Brian Esser. He is a local parent, as well and has just started a private practice with a focus on family law and estate planning.