Branch Ofc.
Branch Ofc.


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Reviews (2)

  • Review from the 2022 Party Survey

    They were SO chill about this. We used the backyard space for an entire afternoon and brought decorations, balloons, our own food, etc. They don’t really answer their emails, so all of our communication happened in person, but it was easy to swing by to set a date and again to confirm a few weeks later. No fee for using the space, so we left a generous tip on our personal bill because it was a lot of work for the bartender on duty.
  • Recommendations for restaurant/event space for Baby Shower

    f you're looking for something more casual -- and free! -- I highly recommend Branch Ofc. in Crown Heights. It's a dive bar (but clean/attractive), with a great backyard. A friend threw me and my husband a "baby party" there this past weekend and it was absolutely perfect. They were lovely to work with, charged us nothing, and let 30-40 of us take over the entire backyard with decorations, flowers, finger food, and our own music/sound system from the time the bar opened at 3pm until late. (To be clear, the backyard was still open to non-party attendees, and a few did roll in over the course of the day, but it was effectively ours.) It was really wonderful and I highly recommend!