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  • Bonjour NY French Summer Camp Feedback

    My son went to Bonjour NY at the PS 58 location for years when he was younger (he’s now 12). It was a terrific camp! I liked to describe that it was a great day camp that just happened to be in french. My kid came home dirty and tired, just what you are looking for from a summer camp. Terrific hours for working parents. They had the option of lunch which expanded my son’s palate a lot. The activities and field trips were terrific. I didn’t love PS 58 (location was fine, building felt very dark) so am curious to hear that they are now on Atlantic Avenue? Maybe the new space is even better! (January 2020)
  • Bonjour NY French Summer Camp Feedback

    Yes we sent our son (5y old) last summer for 4 weeks and he (and we) had a great experience. We took the extra swimming classes and he loved it, they were going to different swimming pools all the time. They were outside as much as they could, our son was definitely coming back home tired but happy! Lots of different activities, day trips, etc! We’ll definitely sign up again this year. (January 2020)
  • 2018 Summer Camp Reviews

    Age of child: 5 Summer 2018 Review: The staff and counselors were all warm and friendly, the activities were well structured, communication was more than excellent. I was amazed by how much my child was learning French while having fun. A few weeks into camp, I started catching him signing or counting in French, so that’s when I knew he was learning and having fun! And I witnessed how much he loved camp during their singing/dancing performance - and was just amazed by how confident and happy he was with his fellow campers and counselors. I highly recommend Bonjour NY.
  • Summer Camp Survey 2016

    Age of child: 8 Review: My child is in a French DLP program so we tried this camp after kindergarten for some extra immersion. I liked the activities and thought the camp was very well run, but realized she didn't yet know enough French to benefit that much from 2 weeks immersion (a whole summer maybe). We tried again after 3rd grade this year because she's fairly fluent now. She could understand and talk with the counselors but the activities were too "young" and didn't engage her. They also seemed surprised at her level of French so I'm still not sure how much she benefited from the immersion aspect. I think they've come to gear the camp toward introducing French to kids who don't speak it or don't speak it well, which is unfortunate for families like us who want to grow a child's fluency. What would you change about the program, if anything? I've come to the conclusion that any camp that goes from ages 3/4 to 10/11 really has to break the camp into 2 groups and create separate programs for the younger and older kids. Otherwise the age range skews to the younger half and their abilities/interests/pace determine the program. BNY tweaks the program for the 8-11 YOs, but not enough. My daughter had fun and wasn't unhappy but she wasn't as engaged or challenged as she wanted to be. I'd like to see them reading books with the kids that will grow their vocabulary (like a chapter book over the course of a week) and talk about them or do activities around them, maybe have conversation circles on different topics, play board games and card games that are age appropriate, and also do more involved art projects or theater rather than drawing and singing songs.
  • 2014 Summer Camp Review

    Program: Age of Child: 5 Likes: swimming at pool---trip to zoo--songs/games learned What would you change? The camp used classrooms at PS58---furniture was pushed in corners and covered with paper, bathrooms had ladders and dozens of cans of paint and tools lying around. I'm not sure why the camp would tolerate renting a space and having it only partially usable. It felt extremely makeshift and not professional at all. Would you send your child(ren) again? No Do you recommend? Recommend with reservations Do you have any other information to add? The idea of the camp 'French Immersion' is great but I'm not sure it works so well if only attending for one week (like we were) as it makes it even harder for kids to get to know counselors/feel comfortable etc.
  • Review from 2013 Summer Camp Experience

    Age of Child: 5 Likes: She liked the activities at the school -- games, arts and crafts, learning songs. she liked the counselors but didn't necessarily bond with any of them (but we were only there 2 weeks). I thought they were very organized and well run. the adults seemed very energetic. What would you change? They went to the pool 2 days a week and on a trip once a week, which my daughter felt was too much going out. (Also I'm not sure how much french practice they are getting at the pool or on trips.) She would have been happy with 1 pool trip and/or 1 field trip a week. We worried that the day would be too long (8:30 to 5:00) but they pace the day well and give the kids a rest time and afternoon snack time, and the kids had more energy left than I expected at pick-up time. THey changed the lunch provider right before camp started to one they thought was more "French" and I think my kid wuld have been happier had they stuck with Butterbeans. Also PS 58 is tricky to get to. Would you send your child(ren) again? Yes Do you recommend? Recommend
  • Review from 2013 Summer Camp Experience

    Age of Child: 6 Likes: It was a true summer camp that happened to be in French instead of a classroom experience like intl school if Brooklyn provides. My son loved that there was a healthy proportion of male counselors. I loved that the counselors were mature yet fun and playful. I loved that they had the option for a lunch service - my child ate things he never would have eaten and it was a welcome break for me from having to make lunch for a few weeks. I loved that the camp is at the subway and that "regular" hours are 830-5pm. Extended day is 8-6. A working parent's dream. My child is singing French songs and even is speaking French a bit. Something he was very reluctant to do before. Would you send your child(ren) again? Yes Do you recommend? Highly recommend