Bond Collective
Bond Collective


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Reviews (4)

  • Brooklyn coworking spaces?

    I’ve been at Bond Gowanus since 2016 and I’ve been very happy there. No water views I’m afraid but a nice roof terrace with a typical industrial Brooklyn vista.
  • Brooklyn coworking spaces?

    I’ve used a half dozen coworking spaces in brooklyn and a few in manhattan via Deskpass. My favorite are camp david in industry city, bond gowanus and CSTM Haus near Chelsea Market. Primary, in FiDi was pretty nice, too. Bond has a few locations.
  • advice on finding an office space (baby is taking over the home office!)

    I’ve been at Bond Collective in Gowanus (on 3rd Street between Bond and Hoyt) since 2016. It’s a coworking building with a mix of private offices and open desks. They are not the cheapest but I have found them to be very efficient at maintaining their space and they have some nice amenities - and it happens to be very convenient for me for get there and back from home. They offer free trials and I believe they have discounted incentives for new members.
  • [PSPNonProfitGroup] Event space?

    I know this co working space in the Gowanus, they have a really large space available for meetings, one a month I go to this networking meetings from the Soloists Collective, it’s a great place, check them out.