Bold Doula - Denise Bolds
Bold Doula - Denise Bolds



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  • Review from the Spring 2023 Birthing Survey

    What month and year was your child born? October 2022 Review: I did a lot of research and made a difficult decision to go over budget to hire Denise because she markets herself as having experience with high risk pregnancies (I had "mild" pre-eclampsia) and first time parents. She came to our home once before the scheduled induction and had some helpful info to share about what to expect from a planned induction, offered a pretty useful virtual breastfeeding class, came to the hospital once after baby was born to say I was doing fine breastfeeding, and came back to our home about 4 weeks post partum. Denise will not show up to the hospital or place of birth until you are 6cm dilated, which absolutely did not work for me since I was induced early. I wanted a doula for support during labor and I did not get that at all. I wanted a doula for support breastfeeding in those early days at home, but I didn't get that until baby was almost 4 weeks old. I cannot recommend Denise as a doula. Any advice for people who are considering using a birth doula? Find out if the doula has requirements for your labor before they will attend the birth! Go with someone who feels empowering and supportive, not treats you like a child when you ask questions, unless you're looking for a mother-type of doula.