Blitz Dojo Martial Arts and Fitness
Blitz Dojo Martial Arts and Fitness


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Reviews (2)

  • ISO: martial arts class for a 5 year old

    We love Blitz dojo in Kensington. They’re great with kids.
  • 3-4YO Taekwondo/karate in south slope/Windsor terrace?

    We send our boys to Blitz Dojo on Church Ave in Kensington and they start from 3. It’s a wonderful, affordable, local dojo which is run by folks who grew up in the neighborhood. It’s very well run, organized, clear communication, and no pressure for price packages or the like. They have followed Covid protocol very well and we felt safe taking our kids there. We actually started there post Covid. The senseis are gentle with the young kids, but firm, and remember all the kids by name and personality from the first class! I can’t recommend them enough.