The Bija Project
The Bija Project


Bija Kids offers a holistic educational approach to developing your child's earliest years. They offer flexible preschool (2-4years) and after school(3-6 years) programs that incorporate mindfulness, yoga, art and music. In addition to preschool and after school, Bija has an array of classes for a variety of age groups; including Art, Music and Yoga classes for children 3 months up to 12 years of age. Bija continues to provide camp during the school year when public schools are closed and for 7 fun filled weeks in the summer. Family-friendly weekend events and Open Play are regularly scheduled. Please see our website for program and registration details.

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  • 2012 Birthday Party Survey

    LIKES: Staff was great, very easy to work with. What you'd change: The space was too small for the number of people we had, even though they said it would be comfortable. Do you recommend (High Rec, Rec, Rec w/ Reservations, Do Not Rec)? Highly Recommend
  • (no subject)

    Elli Herman Studio How old is your child? (or the age when he/she attended this program)? Age: - 3 What did you/your child like about this program or class? My daughters loved yoga with Lauren. They came home from the first class and said they wanted to go "again, and again and again." And, well, they have been attending every session since. What would you change about the program? No Response Will you send your child back to this program or class again? (Or would you if you could?) Yes Would you recommend this program to other parents for their child in the future? Highly recommend If there is any other information you want to provide, let us know here: Small setting, drop off program.