Big Reuse Brooklyn
Big Reuse Brooklyn


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  • Cookbooks To Donate

    Check out BIG Reuse in Gowanus at 1 12th Street. I’ve found amazing treasures there including in their book section! That place is a real gem, not just because of what you can find and donate, but all of the climate action, sustainability-oriented, social justice and community work they do.
  • Furniture Donation

    FYI: BIG Reuse is open and excepting your unwanted furniture, home goods and building materials. It’s open 7 days a week and located in Gowanus adjacent to the Lowe’s store.
  • Installing Doors?

    In another case it was to replace a couple missing doors in our old brownstone. I measured carefully and went to Big Reuse, who have a lot of salvaged doors. I was able to find two doors of similar vintage and style, but slightly larger. I think they were each $90-120 or so. It involved a little bit of trimming to size, and a lot of paint stripping (never again) but it worked out.
  • Where to buy second hand appliances

    Big Reuse in Gowanus (near the Lowes) usually has a selection of stoves, microwaves and other things.
  • Re: Where to donate ceiling fan?

    Build It Green now called Big Reuse where I'd donate your ceiling fan. It's also a great place to shop if you need building supplies.
  • Furniture Donation (Where Someone Will Pickup) Summary

    Build it Green. But sometimes you need to wait to get on their calendar. They will give you a donation form for a tax deduction
  • Re: ISO French Door

    Check out Build It Green; the website is: Their mission is to keep usable furniture and building materials out the the waste and into the hands of people like you! You can search their site or go in person; locations are in Gowanus and Queens. I've seen lots and lots of doors on their site, and prices are good. Another option: there's a place on 9th St at the edge of the Lowes parking lot. You can search through all kinds of reclaimed things, agina including furniture, doors and such. Happy hunting!
  • Who/where might take old electronics/appliances?

    You can try Build it Green for the wine fridge, they take some appliances. Its a nonprofit to help keep stuff out of landfill, I buy all kinds of stuff there- you can get building supplies, furniture, kitchen cabinets-and I get lamp parts for my lamp business. I have seen lots of appliances there, both new and vintage . They are on 9th Street near the Gowanus.
  • (no subject)

    Check out Build It Green, NYC's building deconstruction reuse warehouse. Has recently opened a second location on 9th street in Gowanus. (March 2012)