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Bicycle Habitat


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Reviews (14)

  • Seeking Reco for Bike Shop

    I’ve had fab experiences at Bicycle Habitat.
  • ISO Bike buying advice

    We love Bicycle Habitat in Prospect Heights. They are open and have a nice selection of kids bikes.
  • Where to buy used bikes??

    Bicycle Habitat on 5th Avenue sells used kids bikes
  • Best first helmet for an 18 month old on a scooter?

    I highly recommend stopping by the awesome local store Bicycle Habitat as having a good fit (and the ability to grow with the child) is key especially for an 18-month old!
  • Bike store catering to young kids.

    We just got a great used bike at Bicycle Habitat for our 5 year old. WAY better than taget, a better bike, and better service.
  • Bike store catering to young kids.

    Bicycle Habitat on 5th Ave and 11th Street. I found them very helpful and they have a great trade up program for kids.
  • ISO: Family cargo bike recommendations

    Libby @ Bicycle Habitat on 5th Ave & 12th street. BH had a used model of the bike I was looking for, Libby was fantastic in getting everything wrapped up and providing her own experience w/ kids on a similar bike that was really helpful w/ a few choice accessories.
  • previous page next page Toddler Helmet Recommendations?

    If it's convenient for you, I would recommend going to Bicycle Habitat on 5th Avenue in Park Slope (I think it's between 10th and 11th Streets)--the people who work there are super knowledgeable and accommodating. They will make sure you get a safe helmet and they will show you how to position it on your kid's head for maximum protection. I would guess you would get similar service at any local bike shop--our eldest son's first helmet we bought at another independent shop on Bergen Street in north slope, but I'm blanking on the name of that shop. I was just at Bicycle Habitat getting a helmet for my 3 y.o. last week, though. And bought my 6 y.o.'s current helmet there a year ago. Highly recommend and no affiliation.
  • bike repair shop

    I really like Dixons but went to Bicycle Habitat to loo at a child bike seat not sold at Dixons - Anyhow , Recently felt like got ripped off at Bicycle Habitat on Vanderbilt so I'm in shock someone got a tuneup for $7. The brakes were loose and they said Just needed to tighten cables and I could do wth new brake pads -I thought they said said they were 12 so I said ok. they were done in less than 10 mins and bill was $50! They said labor was $24, brake pads 12 each and tax ? Sure they are good shop but in 9 years here Dixons has never charged me anything close to this for repairs and tuneups
  • bike repair shop

    I had such a great experience with Bicycle Habitat at 5th Ave and 11th Street recently. I brought my (pretty beat up) bike in for a tune up. They got it into shape in about a day at a price if --wait for it -- $7. I'm sure repairs aren't always so cheap, but it gave me confidence that they aren't doing unneeded repairs. And my bike does feel much improved!
  • Re: [PSP] Where to get bike attachment so child can ride?

    I got mine at Bicycle Habitat on Fifth Ave between 10th and 11th. They installed a connector dealy so I can just attach and detach the "tag-along" as needed. That turned out to be slightly more complicated than expected, so I was glad to let them take care of it, and be sure it was done right. And the people at Bicycle Habitat were really knowledgeable and easy to deal with. My son (6) and I love using it. It has worked out great for us.
  • Local bike shop for 4yos first bike?

    Bicycle Habitat on 5th ave has some kids bike, last time I was in there they had a really bright orange one, so there is a good shot they might have a pink one as well.
  • Re: toddler helmets

    We took our daughter to Bicycle Habitat on 5th Ave. They were super nice and patient while she picked one out! For me part of getting her to wear it was that she picked it out and was excited by it. (Feb 2014)
  • Back Re: spinning classes

    If you can bring your own bike, Bicycle Habitat on 5th ave is having indoor cycling classes