Beth Elohim Pool - Congregation Beth Elohim
Beth Elohim Pool - Congregation Beth Elohim


Pool parties include an hour
of swimming followed by an hour in a private party room (ask for the ballroom,
which includes a mini playground.)

Reviews (11)

  • Baby swim classes at CBE

    For anyone not working [my daughter] and I started the baby swim classes at CBE today. And she loved it. Monday’s at 9.30am for 6months - 1yr. (November 2019) You don’t have to be a member and classes are $25. The water is warm enough and classes are fun with songs and toys. There was just two of us this week and it’s new so wanted to spread the word!
  • Shoutout: Revamped CBE swim program

    We started parent/child swim classes at CBE and wanted to recommend it to others, since it's not widely known that CBE has a new aquatics director (Paul Taylor) who is revamping their program to include more classes, including parent/baby, parent/toddler and aqua-exercise classes. What I liked about the class: - CBE pool is VERY warm, and has a nice enough shower/changing room - The coach was experienced and from the first lesson it was skills-focused (not just bouncing around the water) - Class comes out to $24/class which is a lot more reasonable than other options in the area - If you want you can also join the pool for $500/year which also gives you access to their open swim hours I'm just a parent who enjoyed the class and figured others would want to explore. More information is on their website:
  • Swimming Lesson Recommendations

    My kids have learned to swim with lessons (private initially; then group) at CBE (Garfield and 8th Ave). Very kind and patient instructors (we love Skye!). Pool water is typically warm too, which my family appreciates. You do not need to be a member of the congregation ­ we simply have a pool membership.
  • Re: private swim lessons

    My kids loved the private swim lessons at Beth Elohim. The cost is $200 for 5 private lessons if you're not a member. Ask if Athena is still there, we loved her! (Review submitted March 2016)
  • Re: Swimming instructor recommendation at CBE

    we've been very happy with Nick for my son who just turned 6 and has been very resistant to swim classes. He likes Nick a lot and is willing to do lots of stuff with him. Nick does not push my son a ton, and sometimes I wonder if our son could go further than he is (in terms of swimming on his own) but we had him in Imagination swimming last summer and he hated how much they pushed him and cried about going back, so I think Nick is more his pace (and maybe Nick would push a kid who could take it more). Our daughter meanwhile has been in group lessons with Sara and I've seen both Sara and Raquel teach and I think they're both good as well (btw the group lessons are great deal because the classes at least so far have been tiny). We found when we were looking for private lessons that most teachers were booked so it really became a matter of who could fit us in. (Reviewed Jan 2015)
  • Re: Swimming instructor recommendation at CBE

    We liked Sara. She was great with our son.(Reviewed Jan 2015)
  • Re: Swimming instructor recommendation at CBE

    My son had his first lesson with Victoria today and she was great! He was hesitant to get in the pool at the beginning and didn't want to get out by the end. (Reviewed Jan 2015)
  • Re: [PSP] Private Swim Lessons for 5yo

    Beth Elohim has instructors that work directly for them. From personal experience I can recommend Raquel and Jonathan.
  • Re: ISO swimming lessons

    My son takes private swimming lessons at Beth Elohim on a weeknight (not through Imagination). I think their hours for private lessons are 5-7:30.
  • Review from Birthday Party Survey 2010

    Age of Child 6 Reason for Choice: of special interest to my child,, ease of planning, in my price range, conveniently located Likes: Flat rate regardless of the number of kids; fun for the entire family as well as the families of the party gudests; use of the pool and a large party room with tables and chairs and tons of play equipment. You are able to bring in all the party food and drink. Changes: Nothing Not included in the Party Package: Invitations, food for kids, party bags, cake, Cost Per Child: $11-$15 DO you recommend? (Choices: Highly/Recommend/DoNot) Highly recommend
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