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Berkeley Carroll - Swim Classes



The Bongsoon Zubay Athletic Center is open to the community for recreational use during early mornings, evenings, and weekends (September through July). We offer a variety of membership options in addition to group classes and private lessons for adults and children. Berkeley Carroll is committed to providing educational programs that engage, challenge, and foster fundamental swimming skills.


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  • Berkeley Carroll camp - swim

    My daughter attended Berkeley Carroll camp last summer. She was not (and is not) yet an independent swimmer. Last year they had different colored swim caps for kids who could swim and kids who could not which presumably helps the counselors readily sort kids by ability level. In addition, my daughter was able to use flotation devices like pool noodles. I was very nervous about the swim portion too, but I think the daily swim helped her feel a lot more comfortable in the pool. By the end of the summer, she was happy to dive underwater and retrieve pool toys (she still can't stay afloat or actually swim). We've enrolled her again for this upcoming summer, and are looking forward to the swim portions!
  • 4 year old swim recommendations

    Berkeley Carroll swim classes are great and they offer sessions by semester! You don’t have to go in with them in either places. My older son started at Berkeley Carroll (he was 4) with no experience in swimming and now in goldfish.
  • Adult swim lessons or coach?

    As far as swim classes in the neighborhood for adults who are already proficient swimmers, I would definitely recommend Berkeley Carroll: That being said, there has been a lot of change and turn over at every swim facility since covid. I was taking private lessons at Berkeley Carroll pre-covid, but my instructor is not currently teaching there. And I'm not sure if they are even offering private lessons right now. But if there is a class that fits his ability, it is probably a fairly safe bet in terms of receiving good instruction.
  • Swim lessons

    It’s not in WT but I have really liked the program at Berkeley Caroll. We are in the parent and toddler class that allows our son (now 3 but started at 2) to be in the water the entire time (this is not the case in many swim classes, where kids sit on the sides and get 10 min swim each).
  • swim classes?

    I take my older son for swim lessons at Berkley Carroll. They have group lessons on Saturdays. I haven't signed up with [my daughter] yet, but I did see the babies in the shallow end with their parents. It looks really cute, but I will say the pool is cold and crowded. There are 10 different classes happening a the same time. Friends have suggested Aqua babe or lessons at John Jay. would love to know if there are any others too!
  • swim classes?

    We did the Berkeley Carol class this summer and enjoyed it. I would recommend it.
  • Swimming instructor for adults

    I go to the Y to swim laps, but go to Berkeley Carroll for swim lessons which I would recommend. I take private lessons with Patricia Sener who is really great. She also teaches an intermediate and a masters class. I have heard good things about other instructors there as well. You don't need to be a member to take lessons. Happy swimming!
  • Swim classes

    We did two semesters of the baby swim at Berkeley Carroll. The facilities (changing rooms) are great, with showers and space, and it was very convenient. However, in terms of swim lessons, the teacher at Take Me to the Water was much better. At BC, it's more about getting acclimatized to the water, so lots of nursery rhymes and bobbing around in a circle. The class also repeats so the second time around was slightly disappointing as it didn't feel like our baby was learning anything new. Still, we would go back to BC once our daughter is two and there are real lessons as overall, it's so convenient for us. Also, the pool is very cold.
  • Berkeley Carroll Swim Teacher Recommendations?

    I've been very happy with the swimming program at Berkeley Carroll for the year or so. My son has had both Michele and Dashana as teachers and has enjoyed both - Michele a little more so since she's a little more easy going, and maybe better at dealing with a rowdy group of boys (my son is 5).
  • THANKS & SUMMARY Warm Water Swim Class for Fearful 4 y.o.

    I tried Berkeley Carroll and the Y and was not impressed with the instruction.
  • Swimming Lesson Recommendations

    I ended up going with Berkeley Carroll. They are NOT cheap (private lessons for 30 mins were $60) but they were willing to work with me. The instructor they assigned to me was a bit flaky which made things challenging, but she Taught My Kid To Swim in 11 lessons. So, I'll keep my complaining to a minimum, i guess!
  • Swimming Lesson Recommendations

    I was in the same boat with my daughter (almost 5) a few months ago and I decided to go with private lesson at Berkeley Carroll. Fast forward 3 months and she jumped into the deep end last week and swam to the other side of the pool ­ I literally couldn't believe my eyes. I highly recommend them ­ it's a bit more expensive than classes ­ but it did in a few short weeks which i think would have taken so much longer with a group class.
  • Swimming Lesson Recommendations

    At 5 we took group classes at Berkeley Carroll with Frankie, who I believe is also the program director. At that age they can swim without floaties and he was great at building confidence in the pool, while making it fun.
  • Swimming Lesson Recommendations

    We've been loving private and semi­privates at Berkley Carroll. My kids are a lot younger, but I've never had to get in the pool with them. The teacher could safely and easily manage them together (not independent swimmers) at ages 3.5 and 2. The majority of the kids I see in lessons are older than my kids. They have lots of group lessons as well, which are more reasonably priced. The facilities are great, but the pool is a bit chilly. Good luck!
  • Re: Private swimming lessons?

    My 5yo has been taking lessons at Berkeley Carroll once a week for $60/30minutes.
  • RE: private swim lessons

    Berkeley Carroll offers private swim lessons, you have to buy 5 lessons to start and can add on individual ones as you go on. My 5yo has taken 5 lessons and will be taking more, he has had Patricia and Elizabeth as instructors and both are great. (Review submitted March 2016)
  • Warm Pool for Swimming Class

    Berkely Carroll's pool is colder, but has really good swim instruction.
  • Re: Swim Lessons, better at Camp Olympia or Berkeley Carroll?

    Loved the lessons at Berkeley Carroll. Had private lessons with Amanda. Ended up there because everything else was full, but so glad. Can't believe the progress my daughter made in just 5 sessions. Was so much better than group classes she had taken at other places earlier. Her confidence soared and my worry went down considerably. Plus with 5 sessions, you can take them swimming during family swim.
  • Re: Swim instruction

    We love take me to the water @ the Berkeley Carroll school on Saturdays - classes are small - 6 kids.
  • (no subject)

    We signed up for our infant 2 years ago. Yes, we needed to go line up early the line was long. We actually stopped going halfway through the cycle because I hated the locker room so much with an infant. I had a really hard time getting us both showered and dressed with so many people, so little space, and nowhere to lay him down. If you live close and can just skip that part and shower at home, that would be so much easier! Or, if you're child can stand independently, that would make it easier too. We didn't love the classes in general, too much going on in the pool at once. But we've heard from others who enjoyed the class and didn't mind (or avoided) the locker room rush.