Ben Taylor, DO - Brooklyn Osteopathy
Ben Taylor, DO - Brooklyn Osteopathy
  • Park Slope
    217 6th Ave, Brooklyn 11215



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Reviews (8)

  • Chiropractor (or alternative) walkable from center slope?

    I highly recommend osteopath Dr. Ben Taylor (! He has incredible knowledge, intuition, and kindness and has helped my whole family over the years. His office is on 6th Ave, next to Union Market.
  • feedback/recs for cranio-sacral therapists for newborn nursing issues

    Ben Taylor of Brooklyn Osteopathy treated my first son, who also had a tight jaw, and it immediately made a huge difference with breastfeeding.
  • ISO of good osteopath

    Dr Ben Taylor is awesome. He's helped both me and my husband - and has kids of his own. I don't know if he specializes in post partum, but he did treat me after i had my LO, for something seemingly unrelated and seemed to know about post partum care. Here's his Yelp page:
  • Review submitted via 2015 Birth Survey

    Review: He helped a lot ! My baby had reflux and had started a treatment with anti-acid . In 3 weeks we had great results and after one month we did not need him anymore. My baby was smiling , was sleeping! Insurance: No Based on a August 2015 birth
  • Back Pain Help- Thank you and Summary

    So sorry. Sounds terrible. Have you considered Dr. Ben Taylor is Park Slope? He's a DO specializing in OMM (osteopathic muskuloskeletal medicine or something like that). He works very gently with the body to bring things back into alignment, unlock seized up areas, etc. He doesn't take insurance, so he would be out of network, but we like him very much.
  • Back Pain Help- Thank you and Summary

    Yes! I feel you. For perspective, I am a former dancer who became a massage therapist who became a midwife: when my daughter was 18months I threw my back out in ways I could not fathom. I saw an osteopath in the neighborhood who helped tremendously. His name is Ben Taylor. My caveats are, as another medical professional I absolutely do not agree on his reluctance to medicinally treat pain in breastfeeding women. (he's had an earful from me so maybe it is different now.) however, his osteopathic manipulative skills are first rate. I literally went from barely being able to walk to a significant reduction in pain and ability to stand up straight the first time I saw him. However it is not inexpensive, and not covered by insurance. I do feel it was worth it. Round numbers, I think he charges close to $300 for the first visit and $180 for follow ups. Some visits it felt worth it and more, some weeks not as much. If you use him, be direct in making sure he gives you your full allotted time. (The visits I am iffy on, were due to us starting significantly late, like 30min but then finishing at the same time.) Overall, the researcher says that even if you do everything right, no strenuous lifting (ha!) and let your back heal, it typically takes 9 months to a year to come back from a slipped disc or back injury in general. A big change for me, was having pain medication/muscle relaxant. I wasn't prescribed it till close to 4 months in, and I feel it made a significant difference both in my quality of life at the time, as well as moving towards healing.
  • Osteopath for a kid??

    I’ve had several clients who had great experiences with Ben Taylor who is on Union Street near the co-op. He takes some insurance too.
  • Osteopath for a kid??

    Ben Taylor on Union Street.