Belinda Bellet, PhD
Belinda Bellet, PhD



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  • Looking for therapist for grief

    I had several deaths in my life and I went to Belinda Bellet, PhD Brooklyn Heights Behavioral Associates 26 Court Street I'm not sure what health insurance she is currently taking. If you google her she pops right up and you can look around her website. I love her! She helped me so much.
  • Need therapist for my mother and me

    I understand. My mom didn’t go to therapy with me and then she passed away. But I went to Belinda Bellet . I believe she does family therapy I love her.
  • Back Next Previous [ANONYMOUS] Looking for therapist for anxiety ASAP

    Best therapy for anxiety I have tried is Dialectical Behavior Therapy. (DBT) There is Belinda Bellet and her clinic in Brooklyn Heights.
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