Barbes Bottle Shop
Barbes Bottle Shop


For the duration of the pandemic, Barbès is operating as a small, curated Bottle Shop.
We have put the same passion, care and knowledge in booze curation as we did in our music programming.
We offer wine, spirits and beer with a focus on small independent producers, from around the world, and when possible, from around the City.
Our wines come from France, Italy, Spain, Chile and Argentina - and are all bio-dynamic, natural, or organic. That means that they use artisanal methods, organic grapes, and do not
Order online or in person.

OPEN 7 DAYS - 2-9pm
Email for more info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Your discount: 5% discount

a 5% discount across the board of all products on our site, - PSParentsMust be 21 years old to qualify

Reviews (2)

  • Shout-out to Barbes Bottle Shop for last-minute booze gifts

    I second Barbes Bottle Shop -- just stopped by this weekend and bought a really nice bottle of Kings Country Distillery whiskey. They are a bottle shop at the moment to try and stay afloat through the pandemic.
  • Shout-out to Barbes Bottle Shop for last-minute booze gifts

    For anyone who traditionally buys liquor as a holiday gift for a partner, other family member, or friend, I wanted to recommend the quick and efficient process that local bar and performance space Barbès has set up: They gave an interesting selection of spirits, wine, beer, and prepared cocktails. You order online and pick up in person - they said it would take half an hour, but actually emailed me about 15 minutes later to say my order was ready. It will help keep them in business for the duration, and you can always pretend to be nipping by Colson's Patisserie next door if you need to explain your errand (or actually go to Colson's for your own treat, for that matter).