Barbara Ryan, IBCLC BPH
Barbara Ryan, IBCLC BPH

  • Yonkers , NY


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Reviews (6)

  • Review from the 2020 Birthing Experience Survey

    What everyone says is true, she is awesome
  • Review from the 2020 Birthing Experience Survey

    Barbara came to our rescue quickly and expertly—SO helpful when you are a brand-new parent and your life support system for your baby (i.e., breastfeeding) is giving you trouble! In my case, nursing was painful and I was getting nipple blisters. Even though Barbara was out of town on vacation when we first called her, she saw us immediately via video chat and was able to offer helpful advice. She later helped us make the decision to snip our baby's tongue tie. We will probably never be sure that the procedure was totally necessary, but Barbara helped us think through the decision and would have been supportive of whatever we did. Honestly in the end, I believe that more than anything, my baby and I both just got better at breastfeeding and our problems worked themselves out as we got used to it—but even just for the emotional support and someone to talk to who knew all about my problems, it was very helpful to have Barbara there as we went. She is very punctual, hardworking, and warm, and is passionate about keeping up her knowledge about the latest in breastfeeding research. The one pitfall with her I would say is that her biller(s) are not careful enough and we wound up with a huge headache of an insurance claim for one of her visits because her biller kept submitting incorrect info to the insurance company. A related word of caution: make SURE to check if your insurance company will pay for your LC visits before you do them. In our case, visits from an IBCLC like Barbara were covered, but the one LC visit we got from our doula (who was then not yet an IBCLC) was not covered, so we had to pay out of pocket.
  • Lactation consultant

    Barbara Ryan came highly recommended by PSP parents when I reached out back in the summer. I have since seen her a few times and she is as good as everyone said. She takes lots of insurance and will work with you to get your reimbursements. (December 2019)
  • Lactation consultant reccs

    I second Barbara Ryan. She is AMAZING. She saved our breast feeding adventure for sure.
  • Lactation consultant reccs

    Barbara Ryan was *amazing* and makes house calls.
  • 2019 Birth Survey

    Amazing. Highly Experienced. Wonderful bedside manner.