Ballard Pharmacy
Ballard Pharmacy


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Reviews (6)

  • Notary Public Recommendations

    The pharmacist at Ballard Pharmacy on Prospect Park West is a notary and also the nicest man in the world.
  • Local pharmacies delivering?

    To update: Ballard Pharmacy is delivering, including OTC. And they have gloves, masks, and hand sanitizer in stock, as of 3pm Tuesday.
  • Medication disposal

    I want to second this recommendation! I love Ballard. They are a wonderful local pharmacy that we’ve been using for years. They all know us there, are super helpful at all times and will even run a prescription to your house if you forget to pick it up or to refill it. We use them whenever possible - the amount of pressure we get from our insurance company to use CVS instead is ridiculous and honestly should be illegal. They are helping drive wonderful local pharmacies out of business!
  • Medication disposal

    Ballard Pharmacy on Prospect Park West does.
  • Medication disposal

    I noticed that Ballard Pharmacy does -- it is on PPW in Windsor Terrace (two blocks from the Pavilion Movie theater). Also want to point out that it is a great independently owned pharmacy. I try to get all of my pharmacy needs there to help it stay in business against the mega pharmacies like Walgreens etc. I have no affiliation -- just a happy customer.
  • Disposing expired medicine

    Ballard Pharmacy on Windsor and PPW has a drop box