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  • Pediatric CPR

    We did it through Baby Bodyguards and they were great. We did it for a group of five adults.
  • CPR class

    Courtney at Baby Bodyguards
  • Experience / reviews for baby proofing companies?

    Agreed re Baby Bodyguards. They were overpriced, didn’t actually give me all the equipment I requested, didn’t give me an invoice, even after a second request, and were not very nice when I followed up on this stuff. Not worth the $.
  • Experience / reviews for baby proofing companies?

    Although it's been quite a while since we used them, I have to echo the review of Baby Body guards below. They did damage to secure things that were not hazards (e.g., putting cracks in a door frame from door latches that were superfluous; putting cabinet locks on a walnut cabinet with nothing hazardous inside that later could not be removed [even after calling them for guidance] and that destroyed a valuable cabinet). They also didn't help with things we needed (e.g., we were concerned about how to secure our gas fireplace, and the response was that we had to just teach our infant/toddler not to press the buttons). I really liked the idea of someone who could guide us through this professionally, but if I could do it over, I would do this myself or hire a handyperson. Years later, I am still upset about the situation!
  • Experience / reviews for baby proofing companies?

    Hi, I second Jill's comments on Baby Bodyguards. They were highly recommended by a friend of mine, so I paid the $50 consultation fee which would be applied to any work they did baby proofing my home. Their suggestions were highly overpriced and stuff that I or a handyman could easily do. I ended up not even using them and bought my own gates, outlet covers and cabinet locks. Due to Covid, they wouldn't come to my home and the gates that they suggested would never have worked on my staircase.
  • Experience / reviews for baby proofing companies?

    We used Baby Bodyguards about a year ago and I would not recommend them. They arrived and essentially tore through our apartment securing furniture to walls and replacing outlet covers with no discussion as to how we actually use the rooms. As such, we paid a small fortune to anchor furniture and replace outlet covers in rooms where it wasn't needed. The kitchen cabinet locks they installed started breaking within a month and, when I reached out to them, they blamed us for using them incorrectly. Finally, their advice is incredibly unpractical. For example, they told us to move certain tables into storage rather than to simply apply table bumpers. So we've since had to purchase our own cabinet locks, table bumpers, and other items, after hiring Baby Bodyguards to presumably take care of all of this for us. Rather than engaging a baby proofing company, I'd instead recommend purchasing outlet covers yourself and hiring a handyman to install those and secure furniture in the rooms where it's needed, and installing cabinet locks and table bumpers yourself.
  • Experience / reviews for baby proofing companies?

    We used Baby Bodyguards and would definitely recommend them. They did all the baby proofing in one appointment which was important to me. We also later used them for proofing windows. I like their sensible approach and they put this very nervous twin mama at ease.
  • Experience / reviews for baby proofing companies?

    I used Baby Bodyguards about six years ago and loved them. They were very comprehensive and thorough and I learned a lot in addition to the physical stuff they did. Very highly recommend.
  • Infant CPR training

    We love Baby Bodyguards for their baby proofing services as well.
  • Infant CPR training

    I just took a great infant CPR course this afternoon from Baby Bodyguards. We had a woman named Courtney. She can do group classes, and also come to your home.
  • Baby Proofing Services

    We used Baby Bodyguards and had them come back for window guards. Fred is wonderful, gives thorough advice but does not use scare tactics. He and his team made it so easy. Cannot recommend highly enough! I wish I had use them sooner! (October 2019)
  • Seeking baby proofing service recommendations

    We used Baby Bodyguards to install a custom gate at our odd staircase. Their name came up from other parents in this group who had good experiences with them. We didn't do a full babyproofing service through them, but they offer packages. They were very nice and very quick.
  • Easy window guard & installation recommendation - Baby BodyGuards

    We needed window guards and after researching Park Slope Parents could not be happier with Fred & Courtney at Baby Bodyguards. Fred & Courtney 718-332-0511 They have super affordable, highest quality guards and only charge $10 per guard installation on top of what you could buy the guard for yourself. It makes sense to go with the removable guard as not only are they cheaper, it is nice to have the option to remove if needed. We had them custom order black guards as thought it could appear more like wrought iron from the outside, less conspicuous, if they are going to be on the building for many years. They are beautiful. They have really streamlined the whole process and we can't recommend them enough.
  • ISO: Woodworker or someone who makes custom baby gates for stairs?

    We had a custom mount created for a standard gate by Baby Bodyguards. They did a good job and it was fast.
  • ISO: Baby Proofing Service

    We used Baby Bodyguards and had a similar feeling... it was expensive but we were really happy with the assessment/ baby proofing.
  • ISO: Baby Proofing Service

    Baby bodyguards are excellent and worth the money
  • Baby Bodyguards

    I can't recommend Baby Bodyguards enough. I was stressing on which guards to buy and then how to install window guards (and where on the window). I searched the PSP forums and found Baby Bodyguards. They were very knowledgeable about window guards and super easy to interact with and schedule. They installed the guards in about 20 minutes. They were also affordable. I highly recommend. I'm a very happy customer.
  • Baby Proofing

    I highly recommend Fred at Baby Bodyguards - they’re BK parents and helped us babyproof atypical stairs as well as identify some other things we should do (cabinets, mounting certain furniture). Fred did an initial consultation, we agreed on what we needed and he came back to install everything, which went very smoothly.
  • Baby proofing service

    We used and loved Baby Bodyguards. They did an initial consultation, which was so helpful to us first time parents (who knew a tablecloth could be a death trap!?) They did all the installations, too; we needed it because we're super un-handy but you can also buy a la carte from them if you're more skilled with a drill than me Good luck,
  • Baby proofing service

    We used Baby bodyguards too and were happy with them.
  • Baby proofing service

    We used Baby Bodyguards and they did all of that. Came to our home, made suggestions, took a practical approach and didn't try to sell us on unnecessary items or bubble wrap our apartment, and installed everything.
  • Help Installing Baby/Toddler Gates

    We used to baby body guards, and thought they were fantastic! They install gates all the time, so they can do it very efficiently and know how to deal with any unique installation problems. I would highly recommend them. (Review submitted Jan 2016)
  • Back ISO excellent baby proofer

    I used Baby Bodyguards about 1 1/2 yrs ago when my twins were getting mobile and scary. I did the Home Evaluation, as well as had them install window guards. I thought it was a good deal - I checked out the cost for some of the materials they used (latches, outlet covers, etc) and if I'd bought them on my own, it would have cost about the same (plus I would have had to install them).
  • September, 2011

    I wanted to post a recommendation for Baby Bodyguards We used them recently to child-proof our 7th floor deck with plexiglas and to provide a few child-proofing products for inside our apartment. Fred, the owner, is a very nice guy, doesn't try to sell you stuff you don't need and is reliable and timely. We had a very good experience working with them.
  • Feb, 2012

    I want to highly recommend a local, professional baby-proofing business called "Baby Bodyguards" that was recommended to us by friends in Park Slope. It's owned and operated by a husband/wife team who live in Bklyn with their two small children. I'm not a shill for Baby Bodyguards, and have no affiliation with them whatsoever except that they baby-proofed our apt two weeks ago. Trust me when I tell you that no one was more skeptical of a baby-proofing service than my husband and I. (In fact, we were the first people to make fun anyone who would hire a baby-proofer!) But as it turns out, Baby Bodyguards are not new-parent-chasing fear-mongers. Fred (BB's husband/co-owner) arrived right on time with all his own tools and supplies (which are included in the package price). And he doesn't just throw some outlet plugs at you and leave. Not only did he thoroughly assess our entire apt, but he also asked me questions relating to smoke/carbon monoxide alarms, fire extinguishers, infant/child CPR, fire escape plans, window guards, lead paint, radiator covers, emergency contact lists, etc. He made suggestions about furniture/storage changes and safety tips, but never once tried to sell us anything extra or install safety devices that we didn't need. He's not an alarmist; he's a very pleasant, professional, non-judgmental fellow. (BB works with the NYFD re: fire safety, residential building codes, etc.) Fred also did a few hugely helpful extra things (anchoring standing shelves and a dresser to the wall, installing a doorstop, etc.) without charging us extra $$. And their service doesn't end there. Afterward, BB emails you a document with all the relevant baby-proofing information, links, etc. relating to your apt and any further steps you (or your landlord) may want to take on your own. Yes, we could've baby-proofed ourselves, but realistically, we weren't getting around to it. All of a sudden our son was crawling and we hadn't done anything to make our apt a safer environment for him. The fact that Fred did just that in 2 1/2 hours with his own supplies was, to us, completely worth the $300.* Oh, and if you're a Park Slope Parents member, you get 10% off their service. Again, this is just for what it's worth...I get no kickbacks!
  • (no subject)

    Just wanted to give a major shout out to Baby Bodguards. Frederick came over to install the monstrous car seat that the Car Seat Lady told me to get (a star for him, strike for her). He spent an hour with me, teaching me how to install it in my car and other cars, and then gave me a list of appropriate recommendations for my tiny little car, since the one I got wasn't a good fit. The real gift came later, when my car got stolen, and the giant car seat with it. I bought another car seat and Frederick came back and gave me a free lesson with the new seat, spending just as much time and fielding just as many questions about all things related to car and kid safety. I highly, highly recommend them.
  • (no subject)

    Fred did a fantastic job babyproofing our house. Every single piece of advice and product he installed has come in handy with our wild toddler boy, especially now that I'm home full time raising him. My house would be a huge "NO!" from my child's perspective if it weren't for Fred's help. There were so many things I wouldn't have thought of. Like the nifty product that stops your windows from opening past the window guard height. Now that my toddler pulls things to the window to climb on them and get as high as possible to see outside (which was not the case when Fred first installed them), I can really see the value! I wanted the peace of mind that my house was safe, and also convenient for the adults so that we could allow our child to wander into another room without a looming danger that we either would or would not know potentially existed. Fred also made himself available after the consultation for unlimited questions about child safety. Thank you, Fred! You made our home safe and toddler-friendly!