Babka Bailout
Babka Bailout


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  • Recommending Babka Bailout!

    Seconding this recommendation. We had the Nutella babka (our first try), and it was gone fast. I definitely recommend this as a delicious gift for yourself, which is homemade and helps locally.
  • Recommending Babka Bailout!

    I just wanted to share that I experienced my first order of Babka from Babka Bailout and YUM! I had the Nutella and cinnamon and they were both outstanding. Super fresh, easy to order and easy to pick up. My whole family was going nuts for it. Oh and it’s for a great cause. Order yours! No affiliation just a happy customer.
  • [CP] Do you love Babka like I do? Check out Babka Bailout!

    I know this is a commercial post but I wanted to share that I ordered from them a few weeks ago. The babka is delicious, the flavor varieties are interesting (and controversial, perhaps!), and they were super nice/flexible/accommodating about pickup. Of course, there are the feel goods about ordering local and helping out, but then there is also babka. I ordered too much (of course) so I shared with neighbors (extra kudos generated!) who who are now ordering some themselves. In fact, eating my very last Nutella ball RIGHT NOW bc I froze them for reheating as an easy breakfast for me and my kiddo. If you know him, don't tell him I took the last one!