AVT Engineering - Joseph A. Pasaturo PE - Principal
AVT Engineering - Joseph A. Pasaturo PE - Principal


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Reviews (3)

  • ISO home inspector

    It's been a long time since I've recommended him but I also realize an old recommendation that has held the test of time is also valuable. We used Joe Pasaturo for our home purchase over 11 years ago. We struggled to find a house that would pass his muster that we could afford and hired him for 3-4 houses. The one we bought passed his threshold of acceptance and, 11 years late, he was 100% right in his assessment. I haven't seen his name much on the lists in the last years but, at the time, real estate agents called him a "deal killer" bc he was so thorough in his review. Which also makes me want to add that you need to take any home inspection report with a grain of salt - all homes will need work at some point. But it helps to know what is urgent and what isn't and plan for those costs.
  • Real estate lawyer & home inspector recommendations for townhouse purchase in Brooklyn

    We used Joe Pasaturo for the inspection (718) 720-5088. He may be a bit more expensive but he was fantastic. With him you don’t need a separate structural inspection and he also provides a termite inspection. Also he provides you the report before he leaves the inspection and the digital copy same day.
  • Jan 2010

    We have used Joe Pasaturo at AVT Enterprises and he's great. He won't beat around the bush and will tell it to you like it is. He's very knowledgeable about the different brooklyn neighborhoods and other houses in the neighborhood. he's happy to share his knowledge about building issues and codes, etc. he can also provide insights on termite damage, so you don't necessarily ned to hire a separate termite inspector. his telephone number is 718-720-5088. You can google him to find his website. Note: he has a reputation on Brownstoner as a deal killer so you may find the broker/seller less than thrilled to have him inspecting the property, but as a buyer that's a good feeling. He can also be pretty blunt, so some of the things he says you may need to take with a grain of salt.