Auxilia Accounting & Consulting - Christa Skoupy, CPA
Auxilia Accounting & Consulting - Christa Skoupy, CPA


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  • Accountant recommendations?

    We have worked with Christa @ Auxilia ( for the past 7-8 years. She’s a Park slope mom, and her office is on 6th ave between 14th and 15th st (547 6TH Ave). Full disclosure : She started as a client of mine, and quickly became a friend. She’s been really amazing and very helpful with our taxes, advice, etc.
  • Accountant recommendations?

    I can't say I've ever "loved" dealing with taxes, lol, but our accountant is pleasant and efficient and has handled my self-employment income (plus my husband's salary, some stock grants from his company, etc.) well for some years now, and provided good suggestions for what to deduct, what type of IRA I should open, etc. I think I may have gotten her contact information from someone on PSP but I can't remember. Her name is Christa Skoupy, her company is Auxilia Accounting, and she's located in the South Slope (6th Ave near 14th or 15th St) if you need to meet or drop things off in person. We had an initial in-person meeting a few years ago, and a couple since to discuss specific issues, but have been uploading everything online through a secure portal in recent years.
  • Small business accountant

    I've been working with Christa Skoupy of in Park Slope for about 4 years and she has been great and very patient. I handle all my own bookkeeping as well and she handles our taxes.
  • Seeking accountant

    We’ve used Christa Skoupy (Auxilia Accounting) for several years and she’s handled that situation for me (although maybe me is fairly simple - usually one W2 and a handful of 1099s). She’s located on 6th Ave in the South Slope, though we normally send in all our material through an online system.