Au Pair Care
Au Pair Care


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  • Au pair agency

    I think how good an au pair agency is will depend on how good your au pair is! We used Au Pair Care this year and they've been better than I imagined (helpful and supportive through the application, on boarding and ongoing process.) I had also opened an account with Cultural Care and did not see any striking differences between the two. Our Au Pair has been wonderful. Where she is a bit lacking is in her roommate "duties" (helping to empty out the dishwasher, have the initiative to point out we're missing a key food or beverage for the kids, etc.) but that is an issue we can live with (as the key things such as noise, cleanliness, and social life are all perfect). Our kids still nap so she also needs to be micromanaged a bit if I don't want her to just nap or do social media for the 2 hours (I need to remind her to do laundry, or cook a couple of items to have for dinner, etc.)