Argyle Yarn Shop
Argyle Yarn Shop


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Reviews (4)

  • ISO: beginner knitting class

    I had a great experience at Argyle on Prospect Park West. The class was 4 hours in person spread over two weeks and $100 with materials included. The goal of the class is to be able to make a simple scarf but I left with enough skills to make a blanket for my son.
  • knitting class or teacher?

    Kate at Argyle Yarn Shop in Windsor terrace. She is hands down the best knitting teacher and has taught people of all ages and skill levels. The shop itself is lovely and Kate offers beginner classes and I’m sure you could arrange private ones as well.
  • knitting class or teacher?

    I know Argyle Yarn Shop in South Slope/Windsor Terrace used to run a kids knitting class taught by Kate who is a great teacher. Though I don’t see it on their schedule now, it would probably be worth calling to ask.
  • nitting gift idea - bayridge?

    I second Argyle Yarn Shop - lovely place.