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  • Recco for Arc Learning - TEST Prep for K through 12

    wanted to put in a good word for test prep company Arc Learning. My 5th grader is preparing for the private middle school tests, ISEE, and they have been so great that I could not help posting my very first recommendation on PSP. From everything I have heard, most of these test prep places are cookie cutter and don't particularly care about the specific needs/personality of a student. The folks at Arc took the time to get to know as much as they could about my son before sending over a tutor that they thought would be a good match for our son. The tutor, David, has taken a keen interest in our son's background and interests and they have formed a rapport in a few short sessions. Arc also follows up diligently after each prep session etc. So, there PSP parents, if you are looking for a test prep for any grade or requirement from K-12, you may want to give Arc a look.